History of RICE

Did you know that rice may be as old as 130,000,000 years? Although there are few records to validate this claim, scientists believe it spread as a wildgrass through Gondwanaland, the supercontinent that eventually drifted apart to become Asia, Africa, Australia and Antarctica.
In one of the waves of migration Indo-Malaysia, Chinese, and Vietnamese brought rice to the Philippines. Archeologists excavated the earliest evidence of rice in the Philippines in the Cagayan Valley around 3400 + -125 BC.
In the Philippines, rice cultivation started thousands of years ago.
In fact, the rice terraces in Banaue which were built some 3, 000 years ago, were constructed by the people specifically for the cultivation of rice.
Of course, the rice that we know today may not be the same rice that was known to the early people of the world. But just the same, then as it is now, rice played an important role in human history. There is no indication that rice will be less important in the lives and culture of people who depend on them in the future.
For a more scientific explanation pls check THIS LINK.
Watch out for more rice info’s in the next days!
Have a rice day everyone!
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2 thoughts on “History of RICE

  1. This is an excellent website addition to the growing interest on rice, especially in rice-producing countries of the world, not only in the Philippines. At the same time, this will great bolster the Philippines’ Rice Self-Sufficiency Program. Congratulations!

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